A basic care guide for linen products

March 20, 2018

A basic care guide for linen products

A basic care guide for linen products

If you own a linen garment or home furnishing then chances are that you will have already fallen deeply in love. This means that there is a good chance that you will want to take proper care of it and make sure that it is always looking its best.

As experts in all things linen, we have put together our guide to making sure that you take proper care of your linen items, making sure that they look their best no matter how much you use them.


Washing your linen

One of the biggest concerns that people seem to have about owning linen items is that they are tricky to wash. This really doesn’t need to be the case. Linen is a lot sturdier then you may know and whilst some choose to hand wash their items, if you need to pop them in the washing machine then they will be able to withstand this.

The thing to remember is that linen can shrink, and the best way to avoid this is to wash it in cold water rather than hot water. This is particularly true if it is a darker colour as it can fade in hotter water. You should also use a gentle cycle that won’t overwork the fabric.

It is also a good idea to try and wash your linen in a product that is designed for baby clothes, these detergents are much milder than some others that you can buy and won’t affect the fabric. Also, stay well away from fabric softener.


Drying your linen

A great thing about linen is that it dries nice and fast. This is why it is a great idea for travelling or for wearing it is hot. This means that you shouldn’t ever have to put it in the tumble dryer as this will shrink the fabric, and it will air dry nice and quickly anyway. When air drying the linen, you need to make sure that you steer clear of putting it on a hanger, as this could leave marks and dry it in an odd shape, instead dry flat or hang on a clothes horse.


Keeping your linen wrinkle free

The idea of wrinkled up linen is not exactly attractive, but you may not be keen on the idea of ironing it. Therefore it comes to a decision about what you want to do, and it really should depend on your individual garment.

The best thing to do is to make sure that you iron anything that is linen straight from the wash, whilst it is still damp. If it has already dried then try to moisten it, as this will really help with your results. You should use a medium to high heat setting on your iron and press down until the wrinkles are removed, you shouldn’t iron the item dry, as it will dry quickly enough on its own. If the linen is dark in colour or features a bold pattern, it is a good idea to iron on the reverse to avoid any shiny patches developing.


Here at Linen Way we are proud of the linen products that we are able to create our customers. Beautifully made, expertly styled and always made to the best quality possible. Whether it is something for you, for your family, or for your home. With our amazing products you can make sure that you feel and look great!